Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gettin' down on the Farm with the Warwicks - September 2013

This is my second photo shoot with the Warwick family.  The Warwicks broke in this amateur photographer two years ago.  

This year I was asked by the family to break out my camera again.  This time, I have a couple more years of experience, an added flash and a DSLR course (just completed)  under my belt.  But I am still an amateur at this.

I invited the family out to my mom's farm for the photo shoot.  The sun was shining, the leaves were yellow and the wind was out to play.

Find me a farm, and you will find me a fence. 

Before the Warwicks arrived at the farm, I took my camera for a walk.  I went looking for scenic backdrops for the photo shoot.  That way, they would be able to pick the shooting locations before they even left the house. 

Hay bales seem to be a standard for farm photo shoots.  Nothing else can say..."Gettin' down on the farm"  quite as well as hay.  

There is just something about history that brings the present into perspective. 

 An old granary, unpainted and seemingly unloved, can add a touch of the warmth of home into a photo.  

My favourite and most fun photos are the spontaneous ones.  There is no posing required.. just some elements of laughter and joy in the moment.  

Next stop were more granaries.  

 Sometimes the photographer just needs to let the subjects arrange the photo.  There are natural elements of just putting people in a location and letting them figure out where they want to stand, sit or pose.  

My mom has loaded apple trees on her farm.  She told us that they don't reach perfect taste until after the first frost...

... but that didn't stop some hungry guests from trying them out.  

Meet Dahle:  My Mom's Llama.  (named after the Dahle Llama)

The girls had some laughs and giggles... And the camera didn't miss them.  

This final set of pictures initially involved a lot of prep work. 

 The setting is in the middle of a tree line that my parents painstakingly planted and faithfully watered when they first moved to their retirement  farm home.  Rows of spruce, poplar and birch trees grace the north side of the farm.  Before I brought the family into the midst of the fallen leaves, I had to clear the dead branches off of the trees.  I felt my work paid off when I reaped some of the best pics of the day. 

Thank you Warwicks,  for choosing Images by Ruby to make another day of memories. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Sofie and Twinkel are two adorable felines that live at the Neumann house.  They are both around a year of age now.  Both came to our house on the same weekend from two different homes.  

The photographic collection is a collection of pictures I have taken of the cats since they came to Calmar.  

Sofie is a polydactyl cat with 6 toes on each foot.  She has a big patch of white on her neck and chest area that reminds us of our last cat, Tigger.  She has a very calm personality and is very affectionate.  


Twinkel came to us from my Mom's farm.  He has a little younger than Sofie and much more vibrant.  He has a lot of energy and loves to run around the house chasing Sofie.  They play, they fight and they cuddle together.